Pierre Marleau & Iris Vanessa Pierre is Canadian, He emigrated to Panama in 2010, in Canada he was always dedicated to the construction area, which is one of his passions. Upon arriving in Panama, he decided to continue with the construction business, in 2012 he was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with the company UNCOVER PANAMA INC.
In property management, an opportunity that he did not miss, in which he was gaining experience and discovering his passion in the real estate sector. Shortly after, he met Iris Vanessa and together they integrated the real estate profession into the company, making it the largest activity within UNCOVER PANAMA INC. Iris Vanessa, Panamanian, with a degree in Human Resources, grew up in the mountains of Coclé in a small town called Calabazo # 1. Due to Iris's focus and discipline, she has accomplished a high degree of achievements, now she has become a businesswoman with expertise in the area of ​​real estate, property management, and general administration of UNCOVER PANAMA INC. Pierre is a committed, enthusiastic person whose goal is to always cater to the wank and needs of his current and prospective client utilizing this as a personal mission he provides a personalized real estate advisory service characterized by professionalism, honesty, and a strong sense of ethics always achieving customer satisfaction. This provides an attractive alternative for those who want the help of a real estate professional, through a communicative relationship of excellence which provides the clients with a sense of safety for themselves and their assets, in addition, a multilanguage approach is in place for English, Spanish, and French.

To provide a personalized real estate advisory service with professionalism, honesty, and ethics, always achieving customer satisfaction.

To be the best alternative for those who want the help of a real estate professional, through a communicative relationship of excellence, that at all times the client feels their family assets safe.   


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Townhouse with tee box view

3 | 4.5 | 10

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Ocean View Condo in Founders 2 Playa Blanca

2 | 2 | 4

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Two Bedroom Condominium In Bijao Gailairds

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Bijao Two Bedroom Condominium in Gailards

$ 229,000

4 Bedrooms villa in Decameron

$ 345,000

Three Bedrooms villa with water fall

$ 359,000

4 Bedrooms with lake view

$ 649,000

Royal Decameron Townhouse with pool and jacuzzi

$ 259,000

Townhouse with private pool

$ 273,000