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4 bedrooms condo ocean front

4 bedrooms condo ocean front

Miramar Farallon

Playa Farallón will appeal to those looking for an upscale beach destination not far from Panama City. The immediate area is filled with every conceivable luxury and amenity – golf courses, casinos, upscale restaurants, swimming pools, and more. Playa Farallón lies right along the Inter-American Highway, 3 km west of Santa Clara, and 68 miles (110 km) west of Panama City.

This area has been developing rapidly and is unlikely to slow down any time soon. Apartments, condos, and shopping malls are being built all around the small town, and the coming years are sure to see even grander projects erected.

This 4 bedrooms oceanfront condos in Farallon, located about 10 minutes from Scarlett Martinez airport and the new grocery store in Mareas Mall at the entry of Playa Blanca, The open living room and kitchen offer a great view to the ocean and to the Farallon island. All bedrooms are equipped with AC and also have a full bathroom in each on them, The living room and the kitchen have their own AC as well, The sliders are full size and they can open almost to the complete balcony size.the unit is located about 90 minutes from Panama City.



  • 2 parking space
  • pool
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Ocean View
  • Generator
  • elevators
  • Acces to the pool
  • Gas included
  • Bar area
  • Water reserve
  • Maid's Quarters
  • HOA Fee 419.00


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