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3 bedrooms in Terraza playa blanca

3 bedrooms in Terraza playa blanca

Playa Blanca is set just west of Playa Farallón on Panama’s central Pacific coast. This lovely soft-sand beach is pleasant and borders a calm section of the ocean. Several upscale resorts lie near the shoreline.

Blanca means “white” in Spanish, and that’s what this beach is. It’s a pretty, white-sand stretch of the coast that’s continuous with Playa Farallón and Playa Santa Clara. Like those beaches, Playa Blanca is a great spot to sunbathe and swim. Despite the fact that there are several large resorts nearby, the beach is broad enough that it doesn’t feel too crowded.

10 years ago Playa Blanca was little more than a small fishing village, but today it’s booming. The real estate is expensive and there are condominiums and hotels being built nearby. This is definitely not Panama’s most authentic destination, but it is attractive and fairly relaxing.

At Playa Blanca, travelers can enjoy ocean sports like kayaking, jet skiing, and sport fishing. Trips can also be made to the highland town of El Valle, which has a cooler climate and good hiking opportunities.

This  apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, living room-dining room, kitchen, terrace with ocean view, 1/2 bathroom visit; room and full bathroom 
PH Terrazas is located in Playa Blanca close to Rio Hato
Master bedroom with ocean view, Ac, and a big closet.
The unit is about 150 square meters and has a great view of the ocean and social area and pool

Maintenance fees are 4200.00 and they included water and gas, access to the social area  and ocean
The selling price is $325.000 completely furnished




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