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4 bedrooms private villa with pool in Punta Barco

4 bedrooms private villa with pool in Punta Barco

Punta Barco is a very exclusive area located just over 1 hour from Panama City and just 5 minutes from Coronado village and about 20 minutes from El Valle entrance. Panama’s Pacific coast has been recognized as one of the best places in the world to spend the golden years of life for Panamanians and foreigners alike.  But it is not just retirees interested in the area, more and more young people and families are also exploring the Pacific beaches!

This 250m²  villa with a private pool and a slidder was built on a 192 square meters lot in 2009 and has a tax exemption until 2029. Fully furnished wit split Ac in every room
Maintenance fees are $250.00 per month, Gym access, beach access, and 4 parking spaces at the villa.

For Sale $550,000 and can be rented for $2500.00 plus fees



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